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Sophisticated Defence and Aerospace equipment as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, Unmanned Ground Vehices UGVs, Unmanned Naval Vehicles, UNVs and their command, control communication electronics and electromechanical subsytems design and production including software platforms.  


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Fdded-value partnership based on trust, flexible & comprehensive portfolio of full range of integrated Engineering and Consultancy services for Defence and Aerospace industry.


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SE Defence & Aerospace has proven experience in design, integration and deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, Unmanned Land Vehicles, ULVs, and Unmanned Naval Vehicles, UNVs  and committed to maximum customer satisfaction, perfection and excellence in delivery by using best in class business practices.

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Albatross, Vertical Take Off and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
ALBATROSS is a new 2.7m wingspan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with automated conventional and vertical take off and landing, with straight and level flight and hovering features, having flight endurance of around 5 hours and up to 50km control range with tracking antennas... Download Albatross Product Flier

Albatros standart model can have different type of payloads depending on the mission, including cameras, electro-optical systems, EW/ESM equipment...

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Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Customised multi role and multi purpose Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, with different type mission specific of payloads, including cameras, electro-optical systems, EW/ESM equipment...

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Quadrotor and Tricopter
General purpose custom specific Quadrotor and Tricopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with different type of mission specific payloads...

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